Applications of Speaker Recognition

In this blog, I’ll introduce some applications of speaker recognition.

As we all know, every person’s fingerprint, palmprint is unique. We should notice that we also have unique voiceprint. Because of this unique characteristic, speaker recognition has many interesting and important applications.

The first one I want to talk about is the mobile voiceprint lock.We mainly use password or fingerprint to lock our phone. But sometimes is more convenient to use voice to unlock your phone. The password is not convenient to input when the screen is too big, and it may easily solved by others. Additionally, when your fingers become dirty or when you hurt your skin on your finger, the fingerprint maybe not that sensitive. In those cases, the voiceprint lock system will be a better choice.


The second one is about speaker recognition in court. When someone provide a recording of the suspect as an evidence of his criminal,it’s very necessary to verify if the voice is really coming from the suspect. However, this technology is not allowed in the law of some countries now.

The third one is the usage in document security. In ID or bank card, If a chip which contains a person’s voiceprint is embedded into those cards, and each time voice is needed to use the card, our account will be much safer.

The applications of speaker recognition is much more than I mentioned here. If you know more interesting and useful applications, comment below and share your ideas here.


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