ROSlink Smart Home Platform with Speaker Recognition

In this blog, I want to introduce the ROSlink smart home platform. I started to know them as they are developing smart home technologies. I did my EE5 on a similar topic. Now, I want to know more about them. Because they also specialize in studying and developing applications about speaker recognition and speech recognition combined with smart home.

Wang Qingwen, the founder of ROSlink said their innovation is added the speaker recognition in their smart home scenarios. Nowadays, the majority of home users use APP to manipulate their home, but Wang found out that this is not convenient for the children and the elder.

I think Wang Qingwen is very considerable. He proposed a scenario that when a lady back home after shopping with her hands full of goods, it will be difficult for her to open the door with her hands. Additionally, in the cold winter, when you already went to bed and you suddenly find you forget switching off the light in your kitchen, you’ll suffer from getting up again just to switch off the light. If speaker recognition and speech recognition are available in the smart home system, you can deal with all of them just by your voice, cool.

Wang Qingwen is very confident in their product. He insists that they are good in dealing with separate speech, and also do good job in reduce the influence of noise. The voice distinguishes between children and the elder is also available, and they tried to make applications based on this aspect as well.

If you are also interested in what they are studying and developing, just goole ROSlink and you will learn more for sure.



  1. samwendrickx · February 16, 2015


    While reading this blogpost, I started thinking about the privacy issues when your voice is constantly recorded in your house, even in the bedroom. There may be some issues there that need to be thought about.
    Anyway, the blog post by these students also covers problems of information gathering by companies.
    I thought it might be interesting.

    kind regards,



    • wumiaomiao201410 · February 22, 2015

      Thanks for your comment. As far as I know, there is channel difference betwwen a recording and the real voice. Developers may use this difference to make anti-recording technology. Maybe you can find more solutions from internet.
      Kind regrads,


      • samwendrickx · February 23, 2015

        I was actually talking about the problems with privacy. If you are being recorded all the time in your own home, chances are that you say things that you don’t want other people to hear. And with hackers etc. these conversations might get leaked


    • Duowei · February 28, 2015

      That’s a thread of intelligent devices. It is also happens in all internet websites, your information can be found everywhere, even icloud pictures are not safe. What we can do is of course invent more encrpytion algorithms, but the more important thing is we need educate people that don’t use them in a bad way!


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