Voice Login In WeChat

Nowadays, WeChat is the most popular social app in China.

In 2014, WeChat released a new version in iOS. The most important trying is the addition of “voice lock” as a choice to login your account. Users can activate this function in set mode. After logoff and then log in again, the choice will appear and users can just say the numbers out and login their WeChat. But now the function is just in grey on-line phase, only part of the WeChat users can try it.

There is no doubt that the technology behind is speaker recognition. As you can see, speaker recognition can also play an important role in identify a person’s features, and this technology will be more and more applied in real life applications.

However, you must have noticed that speaker recognition is not that widely in used in internet products. There are mainly constraints that influence it. The main reason I think may be people are still not feel so safety in using it. As each time only a short utterance is used for identification and verification, the accuracy is very dependent on the technology itself. The second reason may be that it also depends on how the user speaks to it. The same user can say the same sentence in different ways without notice it. Besides, the developers have to also find solution to against the recording of people’s voice to be verified.




  1. timvanloock · February 3, 2015

    I personally probably would not use a voice login since i think that it is too easy to record someone’s voice or find a recording somewhere on the internet with all the social media these days. Do you have any idea if they are working on a way to prevent this? Also if people would have a cold and their voice would have slightly changed with today’s available technology they probably would not be able to log onto their WeChat profile. Do you use or would you use this technique to acces personal profiles or information?


    • wumiaomiao201410 · February 3, 2015

      The possible way to prevent recordings is to ask for users to say different words each time.
      This application is not open for all users till now, and I have wechat account but i also don’t have voice log in either


    • wumiaomiao201410 · February 3, 2015

      As for the problem that people may have a cold, I already answerd in previous comments. Anyway, thanks for your comment!


  2. mathiasder · March 10, 2015


    Do you have also an idea how specific a voice is? Isn’t it possible with a lot of exercise to imitate someone’s voice perfectly? Cause I seen some impersonators that can do pretty good voice recognition of others.


    • wumiaomiao201410 · March 10, 2015

      It is possible to mimic someone’s voice . But I think a perferct speaker recognition product should have anti-mimic technology. Because it models the vocal tract of a specific person.


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