Comments and Questions from Previous Posts

In my previous blogs, they are a lot of comments about the security and difficulties of the speaker recognition. It’s time to gather all the information which I know to my followers. For example, a most common question is what if someone use a recording of the owner to unlock a door? Furthermore, if someone is very good at mimic others voice, can he unlock others voiceprint lock very easily?

A more difficult question is about using TTS (Text-to-speech). TTS is a speech synthesis system. If you have ever used google translate and click the speaker icon to listen to the voice of the text, you just used the TTS system. TTS converts normal language text into speech. The problem is that someone may record your voice to build your model and try to use a TTS speaker to unlock your voiceprint lock.

Last time, I was recommended to view a web page whose content is about security of your voice. The name is “Watch what you say, your smart-TV is listening”. It says the Samsung and Tesla smart-TV can spy on their users by voice recognition. I think this is really unsafe for the users.

I’m really curious on how the corresponding companies will solve those problems. Technically, how they build an anti-recording or anti-TTS speaker systems. In the customers side, how can they prevent their privacy not be misused by smart-TV companies or others.

If you can answer those questions in a technical way, or if you have any opinion about voiceprint privacy or related security problems, you are free to write your comment below and communicate with people interested in this topic.


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