Information Security Problem

After the information revolution, information becomes the key world of 21 century. Besides, information security will be also more and more important as a consequence.

Information security can be considered as keep information safe, cannot be get without authorization at beginning time where internet is just set up, only slow information will be transport on the lines, no wireless, no clouds and no social websites. At that time, it seems a very good encryption algorithm can solve information security problem.

Then when PC more and more common, virus play a role to steal information, they spread fast through internet. Then firewalls and virus scanner become popular.

However, nowadays, in my opinion, information security is not just keep the information impossible to be stolen, but make sure information don’t be abused without any authorization. Because clouds and social websites are increase so fast, they collect billions of billions user profiles, pictures, videos and so on. But some company just use those information for illegal usage.

How to solve those problems? First, keep the research on data encryption, develop good algorithms for data recognition (security recognition for speaker recognition as an example). Second, complete laws that should follow the changes of the changing world and suited for new up coming technologies. Third, we should be aware of those problems ourselves as a user, keep your information safe at your own side. Finally, I think the most important is that set up an organisation that for product safety appraisal, not only on the hardware side, but also the algorithms, the database for storing information, etc. This organisation should be supranational, should be organized by people from everywhere in the world. Every product come to the market should first go the appraisal procedure, and also appraisal annually. A appraised product will have a sign on it and users only choose the product with sign.

In conclusion, I would like to suggest the final proposal mentioned above. But all those methods are in the physical level, what we should do finally is improve the education level of human, upgrade the mentality of human being, let everyone do their effort to create a wonderful world without crime.


  1. timvanloock · March 3, 2015

    Hey there, ofcourse it is important to keep up research on encrypting data and developing new algorithms. But I feel like most of these companies that are developing these new methods are also using our personal info and abuse it. I am thinking about selling information for advertisement companies etc… So I think it is up to us , the users to not provide too much information. People should be more aware of what they put on the internet.


    • Duowei · March 20, 2015

      Yes, but I think the companies should also take the responsibilities that keep their customers’ information safe.


  2. mathiasder · March 10, 2015


    I agree with Tim. But I also think a lot of people don t care about their privacy. The best example is facebook. How many people put their information that everybody can see. The peoples information becomes the product of a company.


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