Phone Fraud and Speaker Recognition

Early in last month, a famous Taiwanese actress was in trouble with Phone fraud, she lose over 1 million dollars. This is not the only case I’ve heard. Just in last year, another famous actress from Hong Kong, been cheated over 0.1 million dollars. The scammers gave them telephone call and fraud their money. For us, this may seems so ridiculous, but it happens a lot, normal people may also encounter those problems but they just may just feel ashamed to share with others.

As far as I am concerned, most of those cases didn’t have a good ending, the scammers just escaped with Ill-gotten gains.

However, in February of 2015, a special news attract my eyes. It says that the police of HuaiYin cracked a Phone fraud, the suspect is a male who disguise as a female in the other end of phone. The technology of speaker recognition make big contribution to the success of arrested him.

As we can see from this successful case, speaker recognition is really becomes a very important tool of Identity verification. Fingerprint technology is already very mature and been used in so many aspect in our daily life. However, every technology will have its limitation. In dealing with telecommunications fraud, voiceprint technology plays a more important role.

Since speaker recognition technology is still not a very mature technology, there are many people who don’t trust it. But I think with the development of this technology and artificial intelligent, speaker recognition will for sure be widely used and facilitate our life.



  1. mathiasder · March 10, 2015


    I find this a very good example! It’s the best use of the technology. But I think that speaker recognition will create more abuse/ crime. Than it will solve and I am not sure that a judge will find speaker recognition enough proof to punish someone.


    • wumiaomiao201410 · March 10, 2015

      Of course it can not be the only proof to claim ones crime. But at least it can give policeman a clue when in the process of finding the criminal person.


    • samwendrickx · March 13, 2015

      Miaomiao is right, a mere clue from the speaker recognition could mean that the police finds more clues by looking more closely at the person that was recognized.

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  2. alexanderdebaere · March 19, 2015

    It’s cool that we can find out who did a certain crime. But I don’t think that this technique is able to identify the person without having already a suspect. Would you like to see the creation of a database full of audio recordings so that we can find a criminal without already suspecting him? Do you think is realizable, just like we already have an international fingerprint database?


    • wumiaomiao201410 · March 19, 2015

      So far, there is no international audio database for everyone. Because the building of a perfert model is very difficult. Now we are working on YOHO database, it has 138 speakers and we can get a recognition rate over 99%. However, there is over 65 billion people on this planet. Even a international fingerprint database is not possible at this moment I believe.


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