Building “self-aware” robots

This is another video about Self-awareness robots. Those robots can self learn after its birth although they don’t know what is it looks like and what can it do at beginning. They just try and error, and learn step by step, finally they can find a way that can move forward or copy its self as long as you give it enough basic building blocks and energy.

The idea is same as previous post, that build self learn robots. In my opinion these kinds of algorithms is so called “Classification algorithms”, it collect different data from all kinds of sensors, and classify them into groups. Those groups can be seen as a new knowledge that the robot learnt.

The self learning idea give us a wider chance to achieve the real artificial intelligent. Along with more and more faster computation speed plus more and more varieties of sensors, robots might learn more themselves. That means intelligent will increase more and more faster (like a previous post said).

It seems that people still doubting will the real artificial intelligent will come true. However, this real product can be a very good proof that can confirm the answer that intelligent will increase exponentially and the real artificial will come true!

[1] TED vedio, “Building “self-aware” robots”,


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