Can you beat AI?

Google recently built an AI that can learn how to play a Atari video game itself, after a while of training, it can master the game. The most impressive part might be that the AI not only matched wits with human players in most cases, but actually went above and beyond the best scores of expert meat-based players in 29 of the 49 games it learned, and bested existing computer based players in a whopping 43.[1]

This experiment really aware me, although AI is still in the beginning part, it can already beat human being. AI play a game just a prototype, it will be used in military, in transportation, in medical, in every parts in our life. If it goes good direction, maybe it can give more accuracy surgery than a human doctor, or it becomes a trusted friend and entertain us during tedious works. However, if AI weapons is created for conquer and war, then it will destroy human, and finally it will becomes the war of AIs, maybe the scenario in science fiction movies will come true.

But we can’t stop the development of AI, we need the growing technology. Besides, at meantime we focus on the innovation of technology, we also need take a glare at ethics, before publish the technology, be aware of the influences.

[1] “Google Builds An AI That Can Learn And Master Video Games”,, Feb 25, 2015,Darrell Etherington.



  1. Sam B. · March 30, 2015

    While creating a robot that can play games and perform other tasks optimally is coming within our grasp, I doubt that we are even close to getting robots to understand ethics. Most ethical problems that humans consider when thinking about “perfect” AI are problems that we hardly understand. Perhaps society should first create a robot that spends it’s existence thinking about philosophy.


  2. mathiasder · March 31, 2015

    I understand the strange feeling/ anxienty. But in my eyes we have to be open for AI. They will make our life better. They will do the hard work (or all the work). And people will have time to do what they like. So in my eyes we have encourage the progress of AI and not be afraid.


    • Duowei · March 31, 2015

      Yes, everything have both sides, what we should do is just trying to minimize the negative effects.


  3. haoyuguo314 · April 1, 2015

    I don’t why, from this blog I feel a little bit scared of out seems like we should find a way to compete or control those high-tech monster in the future.


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