Be aware of computer security

Again, we back to security problem. Computer virus seems not a big issue for us, if we correctly use firewalls, secure protocols and secure transmission methods, we can keep virus free roughly. However, computer security is more broader since everything electronics nowadays use at a processor and it can communicate with outside somehow.

I saw a video about computer security[1]. In that video, there are several experiments they did to revel the possibilities that it is easily to hack an electronic device. They hacked a healthy device which is putted in human’s heart by wireless, and control the action of it. Nowadays, almost all devices in body are using wireless for communication, what will happen if we use wireless to wantonly control those devices?

Same concept was using on cars also, they use wireless signal and find bugs in software in cars, and use those bugs, they can plant their software in. They can control the break, the FM, the dashboard, etc. And they can also steal a car by this.

When we start being aware of camera security, they have already found that they can also use the accelerator in phones to detect what people type when their phones are beside their keyboards. After learning some human common typing habits, they success using iphone 4 to find out what people type.

Those experiments are astonishing me, they really happen in our life, as long as an experienced hacker, he can use those method hack our devices. It make me thinking, besides we need be aware protecting our information security by know the truth and action against it, we also need let everybody be aware of educating people don’t do criminal things.

[1] “All your devices can be hacked”, Avi Rubin, TED video,


One comment

  1. Sam B. · March 31, 2015

    Even if you are using encryption and VPN services, that doesn’t prevent you from getting hacked. Not all viruses need to be downloaded and run to install on your computer. There are whole groups of viruses online that prey on web browsers that contain weaknesses. Just by visiting a compromised website you could get your computer infected. The real question would be how to optimally detect and restore your system to normal. It’s almost pointless to think about security without considering the “plan b” of all security systems!


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